Celebrations of the 70th anniversary of FEAUSP finished

The celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting of USP were closed with a big event on November 25 at the International Broadcasting Center of USP. Teachers, former teachers, students, alumni, officials and guests enjoyed the cocktail party and watched the concert of OSUSP - Symphonic Orchestra of USP. During the event, there was also the exhibition of commemorative video.

"This commemorative year, we did a research about our history, our traditions, our values ​​and our proposal to rethink Brazil. Past, present and future have united to form our identity and our destiny. Today, we are holding another participation in this calendar”, said FEAUSP Director Adalberto Fischmann during his speech, in which all actions were taken during the year 2016.

"To mark all these years of history and contributions, a calendar was organized to enhance its trajectory as a challenging, enriching and inspiring institution. Seven actions - one for each decade - have been devised that strengthen the FEA's identity and increase its recognition by promoting an agenda for the future and show how the FEA is integrated into the country's development as a center of excellence, maintaining its tradition", Fischmann pointed out.
Commemorative actions included a website with the history of the School and its contributions to science and public policy; the cycle of lectures "Rethinking Brazil", in which specialists debated major national themes of the present time; the updating of the 28,000 FEA alumni database; the solemn session of delivery of the title of professor emeritus to Jacques Marcovitch and Denisard Cneio de Oliveira Alves; the inauguration of the Mural of Teachers, with photos of more than 600 teachers; the historical edition of “Gente da FEA”; and the solemnity of 70 years.

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Tuesday, 29 November, 2016


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