For further information access CAPES BOLSA SANDUICHE PDSE (sandwich scholarship)

Students entering Graduate Studies at FEA-USP, and who need assistance scholarship may file a request to the Coordination Secretary. The request will be assessed and in case of approval the scholarship will be granted by the National Council for Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) or by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES).


After filing the request, students shall wait for the assessment by the Scholarship Committee, which is composed of professors of the three programs and representatives of students from the Graduate Studies. Should the need arise, the student will be called to provide further explanations to the Committee.

In judging the requests, the following criteria shall be taken into account: number of candidates, number of available scholarships, information rendered and information of academic nature available in the records of Graduate Studies at USP, including academic production for those who have attended the course for more than one year.

Besides that, applicants should be enrolled in the course and meet the following requirements:

Meet the requirements of the fostering agencies as set forth in their manuals and rules (CAPES or CNPq).
Attach documents which attest the need of financial support. These documents include a photocopy of income tax return of the last fiscal year.
Attach the Curriculum LATTES.
Attach the Monitoring Worksheet (only for the Business Administration course)
Willingness to devote themselves exclusively to the course, committing to attend at least 3 disciplines per semester and to be approved in all of them. 

Obs: Granting of scholarship for students who present employment bond (signed labor card) is not allowed.

Scholarship Loss

Should students present unsatisfactory academic performance, including failing to attend the 3 disciplines in the semester and /or unsatisfactory performance reported by the respective advisor in the Scholarship Students Activities Report, the Scholarship Committee may at any time replace the scholarships student. The replacement shall also occur in case the requirements of the fostering agencies are not met.