Economic theory

EAE5707Macroeconomics V
EAE5710Macroeconomics III
EAE5713Econometrics II
EAE5714Topics in Applied Macroeconomics
EAE5715Topics in Mathematics for Economists
EAE5721Macroeconomics I
EAE5722Microeconomics I
EAE5723Econometrics I
EAE5726Econometrics III
EAE5740Topics in Family Economics
EAE5750Lectures in Empirical Industrial Organization
EAE5751Topics in Political Economy
EAE5818International Economics
EAE5819Monetary Economics
EAE5820Development and Innovation
EAE5821Brazilian Economy
EAE5823Urban Economics
EAE5839Topics on Game Theory
EAE5841Mathematical Economics
EAE5845Industrial Organization and Economics of Regulation
EAE5853Spatial Econometric
EAE5855Financial System Regulation
EAE5857Empirical Industrial Organization
EAE5876Food and Nutrition Economics
EAE5913Macroecoecomics and International Finance
EAE5918Applied General Equilibrium Models
EAE5927Health Economics and Economic Development
EAE5948Development Macroeconomics
EAE5954Economics of Regulation
EAE5955Input-Output Analysis: Foundations and Applications
EAE5956Political Economy
EAE5958Macroeconomics II
EAE5963Financial Capitalism: Accumulation, Regulation and Institutions
EAE5966Topics in Financial Economics I
EAE5973Numerical Methods for Derivatives Pricing and Risk Analysis
EAE5975Spatial Economics
EAE5976Environmental Economics
EAE5977Contract Theory
EAE5978Development Microeconomics I
EAE5979Teaching Trainee I
EAE5980Teaching Trainee II
EAE5983Public Policy: Evaluation and Evidence
EAE5985Financial Economics I
EAE5986Financial Economics II
EAE5990Introduction to Matching Markets
EAE5991History of Economic Ideas
EAE5992Theories of Economic Development
EAE5995Teaching Trainee III
EAE5997The market and the State in the classics of economic thought
EAE5999Problem Solving Techniques
EAE6017Open Macro
EAE6019Teaching Trainee
EAE6020Research in Economics
EAE6021Macroeconomics I
EAE6022Macroeconomics II
EAE6023Macroeconomics III
EAE6024Macroeconomics IV
EAE6025Microeconomics I
EAE6026Microeconomics II
EAE6027Microeconomics III
EAE6028Microeconomics IV
EAE6029Econometrics I
EAE6030Econometrics II
EAE6031Econometrics III
EAE6032Econometrics IV
EAE6033Econometrics V
EAE6034Econometrics VI
EAE6044Macrodynamics II
EAE6045Topics in Financial Economics II
EAE6046Public Policies: Evaluation and Evidence I
EAE6047Public Policies: Evaluation and Evidence II
EAE6048Health Economics and Economic Development I
EAE6049Health Economics and Economic Development I
EAE6050Spatial Econometrics I
EAE6051Spatial Econometrics II
EAE6052Advanced Labor Economics I
EAE6053Advanced Labor Economics II
EAE6054Empirical Industrial Organization I
EAE6055Empirical Industrial Organization II
EAE6056Information Economics I
EAE6057Information Economics II
EAE6058Financial Economics I
EAE6059Financial Economics II
EAE6060Public Economics I
EAE6061Applied General Equilibrium Models I
EAE6062Applied General Equilibrium Models II
EAE6063Political Economics: Theory and Evidence I
EAE6064Political Economics: Theory and Evidence II
EAE6065Environmental Economics I
EAE6066Environmental Economics II
EAE6067The Market and the State in the Classics of Economic Thought I
EAE6068The Market and the State in the Classics of Economic Thought II
EAE6069Urban Economics I
EAE6070Urban Economics II
EAE6071Industrial Organization and Economics of Regulation I
EAE6072Industrial Organization and Economics of Regulation II
EAE6073Financial Economics III
EAE6074Financial Economics IV
EAE6075Political Economy of Development
EAE6077Economic Dynamics

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