Digital Transformation in Organizations

Discipline: EAD5998-1

Concentration area: 12139

Number of Credits: 4

Course load:

(Per week)
(Per week)
(Per week)
The objective of the Course is to present concepts related to the use of Digital Technologies in the operations and strategies of organizations, aiming at innovation and competitiveness.
At the end of the course, participants will realize how to take advantage of new technologies to transform organizations, aiming to increase sales, reduce costs, or create new business.
At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:
• identify key digital competencies to consider in the digital transformation of an organization;
• analyze the role that customer experience, digital operations management, and business model have in the digital transformation of an organization.

The Digital Transformation course covers the key digital competencies in which organizations must invest to take advantage of the technological revolution.
The skills are organized into three categories corresponding to the topics of the course: customer experience, operations management and business models.
Skills will be presented using practical examples, in particular case studies.

• digital mastery;
• customer experience;
• digital operations; and
• business models.
Each topic includes some short videos, case study reviews, exercises with questions (whose answers will be reviewed by other participants) and discussion forums on the topics.
The videos present the main concepts and several practical examples on the topic. In the forums the participants can ask questions, present other examples, or make comments about the course. The course also includes some videos on case studies available publicly on the Internet.

Avaliation methods:
The evaluation is based on the answers given to the questions placed in the exercises in each topic (4 topics, 25% each) that will be peer reviewed and then rev


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