Master's – Sensemaking uncertainty in innovation ecosystems

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22/11/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00


Rafaela Ferreira Maniçoba

Master's – Sensemaking uncertainty in innovation ecosystems

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Leonardo A. de Vasconcelos Gomes

Comission: Profs. Drs. Ana Lucia Figueiredo Facin, Abraão Freires Saraiva Junior and Adriana Marotti de Mello

 Class: 217, FEA-5


 In the process of developing and commercialization a radical innovation, startups and their partners may envisage uncertainties for a long time, so mitigating uncertainties is critical not only for the innovation success but for the formation and evolution of startup and your innovation ecosystem. Despite the significant literature about uncertainty management, including uncertainties in the innovation ecosystem, little is known about uncertainties sensemaking, much less what are the consequences of these uncertainties for startup and your innovation ecosystem. Moreover, much of the literature treats uncertainty as being objective and known, ignoring the phase uncertainty perception and construction. Therefore, the guiding question of this research is: "How do entrepreneurs create sense of uncertainties in the innovation ecosystem?" Uncertainties are gaps in information perceived by the entrepreneur. This perception is constructed from narratives and stories propagated in the innovation ecosystem or in the social environment of the entrepreneur. Uncertainties can be individual, only affect the startup that perceives it, or can be collective uncertainties, which affect some or all actors in the innovation ecosystem. Because of the embryonic nature of this phenomenon investigated, the qualitative method of research will be adopted, supported by multiple case studies. The construction of the case studies will be through secondary source research and semi-structured interviews with startups, aiming to identify in the narratives and histories of past decisions, mitigated uncertainties or overcome. Because of the uncertainty subjective nature, the Sensemaking theory will be used. Sensemaking is a process by which individuals or groups create meaningful, ambiguous, confused, or uncertain questions or events. It is proposed that startup and your partners use plausible narratives and histories from past experiences to mitigate uncertainties, and in this uncertainty mitigation process startup and your innovation ecosystem can change the identity. Theoretical contribution will be a framework linking Sensemaking with uncertainties in the innovation ecosystem and as a practical contribution, a guide to help entrepreneurs create a sense of future uncertainties.

*Abstract provided by the author



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