Master's – Renewal of operating processes in efficiency of user in extra-hospital healthcare units

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19/11/2019 - 14:30 to 17:30


Andrea Castelli       

Master's – Renewal of operating processes in efficiency of user in extra-hospital healthcare units

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Antonio Geraldo da Rocha Vidal

Comission: Profs. Drs. Luis Hernan Contreras Pinochet, Marcelo Caldeira Pedroso and Violeta Sun  

 Class: 217, FEA-1


 The healthcare system is composed of a set of institutions that work complementarily to each other in the care of the consumer, often called the patient. When analyzing the value chain of the healthcare segment, we can notice the existence of innumerable actors, whose performance does not always happen in a synergistic way, making the management and the generation of value to the user complex. It can be considered that the sum of the user's interactions with the system, arranged in a timeline, results in a journey of their relationship with the health system. Given the premise of linking the researcher's experience to a research project focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, through a descriptive research, with a qualitative approach in a case study, this paper proposes to answer the following research question: how to improve user service operational processes in a healthcare provider? It was possible to identify four groups of opportunities for the project, and the focus was on the service center. Activities, people and structure were reviewed, and the result showed an increase in the information system registry of 100.1% and a decrease of 47.5% in the average user service time.

*Abstract provided by the author



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