Master's – Barriers in the implementation of agile methodologies: case study in a payment means company

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11/12/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00


Camila Ticiana Silva Franzolin    

Master's – Barriers in the implementation of agile methodologies: case study in a payment means company 

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Isak Kruglianskas

Comission: Profs. Drs. Cláudio Antônio Pinheiro Machado Filho, Henrique Martins Galvão and Vanessa Cuzziol Pinsky

 Class: 217, FEA-5


In 2010, with the end of the exclusivity of credit card brands, the electronic payment market changed, favoring competition in the sector. This instability has led many companies to seek solutions to maintain market share, including switching from management based on traditional to more agile methodologies. The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze how a large company in the electronic payment industry in Brazil is affected by the barriers identified in the implementation of agile methodology. Regarding the methodological procedures, a triangulation of quantitative and qualitative methods was elaborated. In the qualitative phase, a unique case study based on semi-structured interviews with different representatives within the company was developed. In the second phase, a survey was conducted with the other employees and the collected data were later analyzed and compared with the information obtained through the interviews. The results showed the bureaucratic organizational culture, the lack of customer participation and the controlling management style, as the biggest barriers faced by the company in the adoption of agile methodology. It was also possible to point out efforts by the company to overcome such barriers, such as the creation of agile communities to close the gap between business areas and technology areas seeking to develop joint and effective solutions that truly meet market demand.

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