Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Internal Lean Startup: Using Internal Startup as a product development and innovation tool for companies operating in Brazil

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07/10/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00

Anthony Graça Moreira

Master Degree Entrepreneurship – Internal Lean Startup: Using Internal Startup as a product development and innovation tool for companies operating in Brazil

Adviser: Prof. Dr. Alvair Silveira Torres Junior

Comission: Profs. Drs. Marcelo Caldeira Pedroso, André Leme Fleury e Edson Ricardo Barbero

 Class: 217,  FEA-5


Adapting to consumer demands and new market trends are sine qua non conditions for the long-term sustainability of large corporations. On the other hand, the bureaucracy and the hierarchical rigidity practiced in the majority of the organizations added to the impossibility of the error, as a rule, end up inhibiting the process of innovation in the most varied market segments. Given this scenario, the lean startup approach has gained relevance in the last decade, which proposes that both new ventures and large corporations should seek agile ways to capture value from their customers through short product development cycles and validated learning. The way in which large companies have used the concepts proposed in this approach is through the creation of semi-independent structures within the corporation called internal startups. Given the relevance and contemporaneity of this theme, the main objectives of this study is to investigate through a systematic literature review how the management and innovation literature has addressed the phenomenon of internal startups in organizations identifying learnings and gaps left by the main authors of this theme and to conduct an exploratory research in order to identify how the elements that characterize an internal startup can contribute to business innovation.
The results obtained in the systematic literature review about internal startups indicates a pioneerism of the software industry in the use of this tool, indicates a tendency in the use of the principles of the lean startup to support the operation of the internal startup, and also bring to light a gap in the analyzed studies regarding the financial and cultural impacts with the use of internal startups as a tool for innovation. The exploratory research carried out indicated that the internal startups structures in the analyzed sample contributes to a greater agility in the product development process, responding more quickly to the consumer demands when compared to the parent company, besides bringing positive contributions in financial and cultural aspects within the analyzed companies. Finally, the main contribution of this study is to outline the main authors and work done on the topic of internal startups, clarifying the main trends and gaps left by the literature on the use of this tool, and to show  how Brazilian companies have used this tool pointing out its main positive/negative aspects and lessons learned, besides corroborating for future studies that address this theme.

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