Master Degree Entrepreneurship – The impact of the sales-operation relationship on the service level: action research on cargo transportation in a Brazilian airline

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07/10/2019 - 09:00 to 12:00

Felipe Liberato De Souza

Master Degree Entrepreneurship – The impact of the sales-operation relationship on the service level: action research on cargo transportation in a Brazilian airline

Adviser: Prof. Dr. Alvair Silveira Torres Junior

Comission: Profs. Drs. Marcelo Caldeira Pedroso, Renato Machado Costa and Mauro Luiz Martens

 Class: 217, FEA-5


 Air carriers that carry cargo and passengers together, hybrid or mixed, face operational and commercial conflicts. The transportation of passenger luggage conflicts with loads, the need for passenger satisfaction impacts on the operation of loads. Thus, one of the challenges that these airlines face in cargo transportation is the control over sales and the capacity they offer. Measuring the capacity offered in mixed-operation air carriers is a complex task due to uncertainties such as the unpredictability of market demand, the randomness of arrival of cargo just before flights, the lack of definition of the number of passengers and the amount of passenger luggage with flight uncertainty, the amount of fuel that draws weight available on the flight, and the unpredictability of weather factors well in advance. The service level that customers expect is often hampered by these uncertainties. The customers expectation is based on deadline, security, information and integrity of the cargo. Thats why the interaction sales-operation has impact in the profitability of the business. This work is based on the practice of operational management of national and international air cargo transportation. It aims to establish the governance of the sales-operation interface processes and their impact on the service level of airlines that have mixed operation of passengers and cargo. For this, the best practices for the execution of the work processes that involve the transport of load in the air modal were analyzed, providing a diagnosis of the factors that cause or influence in low service level and loss of revenue by operational conflicts. This work has a strong analysis bias from the perspective of internal entrepreneurship. The research methodology of this project was based on action research, preceded by a systematic review of the literature through a protocol of exploratory research that used a wide range of sources for data collection in a longitudinal way, that is, throughout the development of the project. The researches were bibliographical and qualitative based on direct observation and interviews. Contribution of this work to the knowledge: some studies published previously to this project analyzed the capacity, forecast of demand and the overbooking factor, but did not deepen in the relation sales-operation and so little they brought answers on the impact of the sale of cargo transport in the mixed cargo and passenger air operations. Contribution of this work to society: a better understanding of operational aspects of air cargo transport will bring a better level of service to the industries that seek to optimize transportation, reducing costs and time to make products available for trade. Contribution of this work to the management of mixed airways: capacity to reconcile cargo and passenger transport interests, operational optimization and better profitability.

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