Doctorate – Effects of marketing communication on consumer behavior in the digital environment: a case study in the financial sector

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22/04/2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


Kleber Adriano Silva e Oliveira

Doctorate – Effects of marketing communication on consumer behavior in the digital environment: a case study in the financial sector

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Geraldo Luciano Toledo

Comission: Profs. Drs. José Afonso Mazzon, Francisco Javier Sebastian Mendizabal Alvarez and Silvio Augusto Minciotti


Consumer behavior is one of the subjects of greatest interest and importance for companies and researchers in different areas. Understanding how the consumer's journey is affected at the various points of contact with the brands can assist in creating relevant experiences and effective communications that encourage choices and decisions, leading to desired behaviors.
The adoption of digital channels creates a new layer of interactions with customers allowing for the development of new products and services, with a better fit to the enhanced demand of consumers. It also demands new metrics and measurement techniques, with great potential for contributing to the existing theoretical body, considering that research in this area is far from being consolidated.
This thesis focuses at verifying the existence, analyzing and measuring the effects of marketing communication actions on consumer’s behavior in a digital environment.
To achieve the intended goal, a literature review of the relevant issues concerning this subject was carried out, complemented by an empirical research of conclusive character, analyzing six months of a digital financial institution clients’ activities.
The empirical research data were collected from the observation of interactions with no interference in the clients’ routine. After testing the hypotheses raised in this context, it was found that there is indeed a strong interference from the dynamics of communication and the time of opening and using the account in the observed digital environment behaviors.
The main contribution to the existing theoretical body is the application of quantitative techniques supported by existing theories to analyze the communication effect related to financial services usage levels’ in a digital environment, with academic and managerial impacts to both scholars and practitioners interested in digital marketing communications.

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