Exchange Students

Information for Students Applying for an Exchange Semester or Year at the School of Economics, Business and Accounting of the University of Sao Paulo

Nomination procedures

All exchange students must be nominated first by our partner universities before we start the application process.

Nominations should be submitted to the Google Forms link: 

They should include students’ name and email address, gender and period of studies (1 semester or 2). Moreover, if it’s a Master applicant, we would like to know if he/she will be a Master 1 or Master 2 student by the time the exchange begins.

Deadline for Nominations:

Second Semester (July-December)

April 15th

First Semester (February-July)

November 1st

Once we have students’ contact information, an e-mail will be sent directly to them containing information on application procedures, accommodation, health insurance among other issues related to the exchange program.

Application procedures

Nominated students will receive a link for the online application where they should fill basic personal informartion and upload the following documents before the deadline:

  • a Passport main page;
  • latest Transcript of Grades;
  • a Passport-type Photo, jpg format, to be used in official USP card.

For Post-Graduate applicants only (Master of Research or Ph.D./Doctorate): all the above mentioned documents and also the following (to be sent by email as well):

  • Transcripts and Diploma of Bachelor degree
  • curriculum vitae

Very Important: FEA-USP Bachelor programs last 4 years. To take Post-Graduate courses a student must be enrolled at least in the second year of a Master program in his/her home institution (normally MSc 2), or attending a research-based Post-Graduate program (Master  of Research or Ph.D./Doctorate program). Post-Graduate programs at FEA-USP are research-based, demanding a lot of reading and writing exercises, and class debates as well, for a good knowledge of the Portuguese language is required. At FEA-USP, Doctoral students and Master of Research students share the same courses.

Deadline for sending the application files:

Second Semester (July-December)

May 1st

First Semester (February-July)

November 15th


Unless you hold a Brazilian passport, a temporary visa for studies is absolutely MANDATORY. A tourist visa will not be considered under any circumstance, and it's impossible to change the visa status after arrival. Students who come without the correct visa will not be allowed to register for courses.

Acceptance Letters – necessary for visa application – will be mailed to the international office of your school /university in May and November.

CPF (Brazilian Tax Payer Register)

Having a CPF number is mandatory for some issues in Brazil - like applying for the Student Bus Card or subscribing for a Cell Phone Service – as well as frequently requested for other issues (online shopping, for instance).

A CPF number can be requested at the same Brazilian consulate where students are going to apply for your visa. For that you should fill out an online form and read the instructions from one of the links below: (English) (Spanish) (Portuguese)

Of course you will be able to apply for CPF after arrival, if you wish so. But it might be a good idea to provide it in advance.

RNM – Registro Nacional Migratório

RNM is required by the Brazilian Federal Police from all foreigners who have a permanent residence permit or hold a temporary visa. You have 90 days from the date of your arrival to register. In case you do not register during the first 90 days, you will be charged for every day of delay. Do not wait until the last minute because there might be unexpected problems that can stop you from registering, and the deadline will not be extended because of that.

Before visiting the Federal Police office, follow the instructions below:

First of all you should access the Federal Police webpage:

Click on 1. Preenchimento do Formulário (link direto: and fill out all the required personal information (the ones marked in red).

In the fields Unidade Polícia Federal you should choose “SP” and “DELEMIG/SP – SÃO PAULO” (unless you decide to apply in another city).

In the field Ocupação Principal choose “Estudante” (930)

The system will generate a .PDF document at the end of the process, confirming the registration; print it out and keep it with you.

Access to book an appointment at Federal Police Office, typing your Código de Solicitação (a large number you can find at the top of the pdf document you printed before).

Choose date and time you prefer, and print the confirmation as well.

You should also pay the GRU fee (R$204,77):

  • Access the Federal Police website at and on the menu on left click on GRU > Estrangeiros/Imigração > 3) Pessoas e Entidades Estrangeiras

Link direto:

  • Fill out the mandatory fields which are marked with a * (in red):
    • In “Unidade Arrecadadora”, select “SP (027-2) SUPERINTENDÊNCIA REGIONAL NO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO
    • In “Código da Receita STN”, select 140120 – Emissão de Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório
  • Click on “Gerar Guia” and have it printed.
  • Go to any bank and pay it, in cash.

Visit the Federal Police office (address below) at the date and time you booked, taking all three confirmations with you (the main form, the booking confirmation, and the fee paid), as well as the following documents:

  • The original form “Pedido de Visto” (visa order) expedited by a Brazilian Consulate in your home country;
  • Original Passport with the entrance stamp;
  • Photocopies of all used pages of your Passport (considering the ID page and all eventual stamps and notes);
  • 2 full frontal face color photos, size 4 cm tall x 3 cm wide, with white background, not smiling, clearly visible eyes;
  • Declaração de Endereço Eletrônico e Demais Meios de Contato – a simple form you can find at Federal Police office;
  • If you applied for your visa before May 28, your birth certificate.

At the end of the procedure you will receive a piece of paper with your RNM number – you call it Protocolo. You can come back later to Federal Police office to take your RNM card – but the Protocolo is sufficient for most issues.

- Federal Police Address

Superintendência da Polícia Federal

Av. Hugo D’Antola, 95.

Lapa de Baixo – Ponte do Piqueri

Phone: (11) 36165000


A Housing List will be sent to all students around a month before classes beginning.

Cost of Living:

  • Accommodation (on average): R$ 900 - 1300 monthly a single room;
  • Each meal at University central restaurant: R$ 2,00;
  • Each Bus or Metro ride: R$ 4,00. After arrival students can apply for a Student Ticket Card which grants half price;
  • Federal Police fees (for the mandatory residence permit application): R$ 204,77.


Complete information about courses available and enrollment procedures will be sent to the students in the beginning of the semester. Note in advance that 1st year courses and most 2nd year courses are not available for exchange students.

Since the number of English taught courses is still limited, we kindly ask students to develop their Portuguese skills before arrival.

A Portuguese Foreign Language course is offered by USP Language Center during the academic semester only, not before.