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Some of you will need a tourist visa to enter the country. The best is for you to check the most up-to-date information provided by the Brazilian embassy nearest to you. Watch out for processing time and visa expiration details. We list below the webpage of the relevant Brazilian embassies for your convenience:


Canada: Consulate-General of Brazil in Montreal
Brazilian embassy in Toronto
United States: Please check the Brazilian embassy of your jurisdiction by clicking on your state at the map available at webpage of the Brazilian embassy in New York

Brazilian embassy in Atlanta

Brazilian embassy in Chicago

Brazilian embassy in San Francisco


Belgium: Brazilian embassy in Brussels

Italy: Brazilian embassy in Rome

For a complete list of Brazilian embassies in Europe, please check the Brazilian Mission to the European Communities webpage.


For general tourism information, please check a special website of the Brazilian Tourism Ministry:

For more information about São Paulo city, please check the website:
About São Paulo

São Paulo maps, list of events, guide and so on

São Paulo, stay another day