Strategic planning of the program

The FEA/USP Postgraduate Program in Economics (PPGE) has, through its community of professors, students, and employees remained at the frontier of knowledge of economics and in a constant process of renewal and update. This update occurs in the production of high-level research, commitment to frontier education, and the attraction of professors and students.

From the first semester of 2020, the PPGE implemented a new curricular structure divided into four bimesters in each academic year. This new structure is the result of extensive discussions aimed at improving the training of our students and the possibility of offering a wide range of courses in various areas of knowledge of economics. In this way, the program now has greater coverage of fundamental topics for the basic training of an economist and more training opportunities in the preparation of research following international frontier standards. As part of a commitment to the continuous improvement of teaching, the PPGE community will dedicate itself to periodic reviews and improvements to master’s and doctorate programs.

The Department of Economics is also active in attracting young talent with a modern line of research that enriches the PPGE. There is a continued effort to attract postdoctorate graduates from top national and international universities. These young talents contribute to the Program’s research environment, form partnerships with professors and students, and, in several cases, undergo public tenders to integrate the permanent staff of the Department and the Program.

With the evolution of methods and databases used in economics research, the Program seeks to update its computer equipment and laboratories. Also, several students and professors receive funding to participate in national and international congresses, as well as to conduct specific courses in frontier techniques.