Mission and objectives of the program


Train economists and produce research of the highest quality in line with consolidated international standards.



The mission of the Postgraduate Program in Economics at FEA/USP is to promote teaching and research of the highest quality and rigor while respecting academic freedom, freedom of expression, the competition of ideas, academic honesty, and respect for diversity in all its dimensions. The Program aims to train professionals and produce research capable of contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the solution of relevant problems for society.



The Program seeks to offer master’s and doctorate students a solid and pluralistic academic background, which contemplates state of the art in the various theoretical and empirical approaches to Economics.

The scale and diversity of training of the teaching staff are elements that distinguish the Program in both the regional and national scenario of the knowledge area. This differentiating element allows the Program to meet with quality its objective of providing a solid and pluralistic academic education to students.

The Master’s program aims to provide students with excellent training in Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods, which allows them to understand and develop academic frontier research. The Doctorate program aims to deepen the theoretical training of the students and enable them to carry out independent, innovative, and quality academic research in various specialties of economics.

The two areas of concentration in the Doctorate course are “Economic Theory” and “Development Economics”. The Doctorate in Economic Theory program emphasizes frontier approaches and methods to analyze a wide range of economic problems. The Doctorate Program in Development Economics aims to train professionals and researchers focused on topics related to economic development with different theoretical and empirical approaches.