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Accreditation of courses: Accreditation, reaccreditation, change of content or nomenclatures, and exclusions of courses for each Program or area of concentration must be proposed by CCP and CPG for analysis and deliberation. English courses may be offered at the proposal of CCP and approval by CPG. To analyze the proposals, CCP must designate a referee who emphasizes the merit and importance of the course within the program or area of concentration, as well as the specific competence of the professors responsible for it. The weekly course load is limited to two credits per week (thirty hours). Each course may have up to three responsible professors, holders of a doctoral degree, proposed by CCP, and approved by CPG.

Collaborators may be proposed to teach specific parts of the course.

The accreditation of professors outside USP as responsible for courses should be assessed by the CoPGr’s CaC, according to a proposal justified by CCP, with a statement by CPG.

Every five years, the programs must present the updated set of their courses to CPG for reaccreditation. The application form to accredit courses is at the end of this page.

Ombudsman: FEA has an ombudsman service that guarantees the confidentiality of the information transmitted. In this service, you can address conflicts involving professional relationships between members of the FEA community, moral harassment, sexual harassment, and complaints. For more information, visit the FEA Ombudsman’s website.
Student’s mental health: The University of São Paulo’s Office of Mental Health is an important resource if you need support to refer students with mental health issues. The Office assists USP’s undergraduate, postgraduate, and exchange students. On the Office website, you will find general information, contact, form for reception, and support for urgencies and emergencies 24h. You can also access the USP Mental Health Office at