Scholarships / Research Support

The PPGCC relies on funding from the research support agencies CAPES and CNPq in the modalities MA and Ph.D. studies.

Our program is a part of the Academic Excellence Program (PROEX) of the CAPES, which aims to maintain the quality standard of the graduate programs awarded with grades 6 and 7 (7 is the maximum grade awarded by the CAPES).

The PPGCC, inserted in the PROEX, receives a CAPES budget that is used to grant scholarship in accordance with rules and priorities established by the Scholarship Committee, which is in charge of selecting and following up scholarship holders, according to the CAPES guidelines.

Scholarship grant takes place for 12 months and, after reassessment, there may be renewal.

MA scholarship value:    R$ 1,500.00.

Ph.D. scholarship value: R$  2,200.00.