Missão e objetivos do programa

In line with its pioneering spirit, the mission of the PPGCC is to create and disseminate knowledge and consolidate its leading position in accounting sciences in Brazil and abroad. The PPGCC should produce world-class research through the work of its professors, students (especially with their dissertations and theses), alumni, or through the interaction of the aforementioned groups with researchers from renowned institutions in Brazil and abroad. The PPGCC is aware of the prominent role played by the USP Graduate Program and aims to train thinkers and leaders for the public and private sectors, the third sector, and academia. The alumni of the PPGCC should be able to influence the country’s future and improve the population’s quality of life.

Solidarity and nucleation activities (e.g., Procad/Casadinho and Dinter) with different regions of Brazil are just as important. These activities have a dual function. The first is to enable the improvement of other graduate programs in the country. The second is to shape and improve accounting teaching and research, as well as providing the conditions for new graduate programs to flourish and expand accounting sciences in Brazil.