Master's – Is Accounting a woman thing? The influence of gender stereotypes in the career choice of women in Accounting

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13/08/2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


Beatriz Sinfronio Bergamini

Master's –  Is Accounting a woman thing? The influence of gender stereotypes in the career choice of women in Accounting

Advisor: Profs. Drs. Edgard Bruno Cornacchione Junior e Profa. Dra. Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova

Comission: Profs. Drs. Marcia Zanievicz da Silva, Elisabeth de Oliveira Vendramin and Graziella Maria Comini

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This study seeks to help identify gender stereotypes that can act as an entry barrier for women in the accounting profession and contribute to demystifying the profession. It is also hoped that this study will help to understand how stereotypes integrate the development of our concept of gender and how sexual differences hierarchize activities considered to be feminine and masculine, since the definition of gender is a primary way to provide meaning to power relations, and so by deconstructing these preconceptions, build a more egalitarian society with equal opportunities for access and evolution between men and women. The main points discussed in this study relate to how women's self-image (identity, self-perception), act in the career choice process taking into account the perception that they have of the profession and the accounting professional, emphasizing stereotypes related to the female gender. This way, this study aims to answer the research question: How do gender stereotypes influence the choice of women in a career in Accounting? To achieve this goal, questionnaires were applied using a Chatbot and semi-structured interviews. During the questionnaire application, 2,449 people interacted in some way with the Chatbot. Of which 2,051 abandoned or gave up on completing the survey. However, 205 people who reached the end of the questionnaire were not part of the target audience of the survey, so there were 193 members of the target audience who answered the questionnaire until the end. So, from 44,266 messages exchanged between the robot and the respondents, only 11,739 were valid for analysis. In the interview phase, we spoke with six women in order to deepen and confirm the findings of the literature used and the data obtained through the questionnaire. The conclusions indicate that, contrary to what some studies indicated, the image of the profession and the professional among the participating women is positive. Despite this they have no interest in the accounting profession. Although they explicitly do not associate accounting with a male profile, implicitly the associations they make refer to behaviors and skills considered to be mostly male. The findings also point out that women are more likely to choose care-related careers, and that the erroneous association between Accounting and the Exact Science Area is a real barrier to distance between participants and the accounting profession. Some of the problems addressed in this study could be minimized with an appropriate exposure and dissemination of the profession to young people in the stage of career choice. But during the study we were able to verify that both the educational institutions and the class entities responsible for disseminating the profession do not have policies or appropriated initiatives to take the image of Accounting to a pre-university audience. In other words, an image of the profession is perpetuated, that takes away from women the possibility of considering accounting as a career option.

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