The purpose of the Doctorate Program in Administration is to deepen the qualification and training of students in activities related to the Administration area. It is an exclusively academic program and free of any charge. It is also possible for students to obtain scholarships through funding agencies that support graduate students (CAPES, CNPq, and FAPESP).

The course is biannual and the disciplines are offered exclusively during the day (from 8am until noon; or from 2pm until 6pm); there are no classes on Saturdays. Each discipline lasts 15 weeks and the weekly encounters last 4 hours. All students must be fully dedicated to the course; at least three times a week it is desirable that the student attends classes, the rest of the time should be dedicated for extra class and research activities. Each discipline consists of 8 credits, except for the discipline “Mentoring II”, which consists of only 4 credits. It is possible to use the credits obtained from other stricto sensu programs acknowledged by CAPES and to attend classes in foreign universities (Interuniversity Exchange Programs supported by CAPES or CNPq).

In order to obtain all necessary credits, the student must attend eight disciplines, from which one is mandatory – Mentoring II. Such discipline involves the student with lecturing activities as part of the Graduate Program in Administration.

As a requirement to fulfil the doctorate program, the student must develop a thesis, whose project is submitted to a qualifying examination. The deadline for the accomplishment of such examination is 26 months. The thesis consists of a supervised research in which the student demonstrates an ability to systemize the existing literature on the theme chosen in the thesis and the ability to successfully use methods and techniques of scientific investigation. The thesis needs to bring up an original contribution for the literature. The entire Doctoral Program lasts 48 months (considering the thesis defense).