Mission and objectives


The PPGA’s ultimate mission is to train teachers, researchers, managers, and high-level entrepreneurs, working in Brazil and internationally, to execute and lead high-impact activities in research, in management, and in training people in the area of Management, as well as to assume prominent and high-impact positions in the non-academic market.


- To develop innovative teaching, research, and extension projects that promote the economic, social, and cultural development of Brazil and that positively impact the life of companies and people in general;

- To foster the development of world-class research by PPGA teachers and students and their national and international partners, increasing the international visibility and relevance of the academic production in Management originating from Brazil;

- To encourage and support publication in world-class journals by the teachers and students of the PPGA and its partners, i.e. in high-impact national and international journals, according to the indicators of CAPES and the main agencies that evaluate national and international journals;

- To expand academic and research exchanges with the best research centers in Management in Brazil and abroad;

- To increase the internationalization of the PPGA, aiming to attract high-performance foreign teachers and students, as well as to send students from Brazil to the best educational and research centers abroad;

- To widen undergraduate students’ participation in teacher research projects, seeking research synergy between graduate and undergraduate students;

- To strengthen the relationship with public and private, national and international research support agencies, with the aim of raising the quality and quantity of funded projects;

- To encourage solidary cooperation programs within the graduate environment with institutions from regions lacking stricto sensu graduate programs in Management;

- To offer the national and international academic community the opportunity to publish in highly visible and internationally accessible journals (RAUSP; REGE; INMR), as well as exposure of their research papers in conferences supported by the PPGA.