Lines of research

The PPGA develops its projects in seven research lines, as described below.

Strategies and Organizations:

This line includes projects, research, and studies that aim to monitor, develop, and consolidate study models of competitive and corporate strategies, strategic planning, and the different dimensions of the organizational context that favor the systematization of their evolution process.

Finance and Organizational Economics

This research line is strongly rooted in and interacts with microeconomics and develops theoretical and empirical models involving financial markets, company finance, and organizational economics. Specifically, the studies in this line focus on investigating topics related to company investment and financing decisions, as well as the behavior of the investors (shareholders and creditors) who provide capital to finance the growth of organizations in general. These topics are based on important economic theories, such as the theory of the firm, transaction cost theory, agency theory, as well as on modern finance theories, such as portfolio theory and the various capital structure theories. 

People Management in Organizations:

This research line includes research projects that study the recent and traditional practices adopted in people management, in recruitment, selection, training, development, career planning, remuneration planning, skills management, culture and organizational environment management, and ODL.

Innovation and Technology Management:

This research line includes research projects that study technological innovation management and information technology, developing concepts and managerial models for public and private companies, research institutes, captive technology centers, and related organizations.

Internationalization of Companies:

This research line focuses on Brazilian companies that are internationalizing. This is a recent process and the theoretical frameworks elaborated based on the experience of companies from developed countries have been shown to be somewhat inappropriate for the Brazilian reality.


This research line includes research projects that study the relationships between marketing and organizational strategies. Based on the theories that support strategic marketing, it focuses on distribution relationships, consumer behavior, and its different applications.

Socioenvironmental Responsibility:

This research line includes projects that study organizational management, social responsibility, entrepreneurship in the third sector, volunteering, partnerships, and franchising; and socioenvironmental management and its impacts on the physical environment and social developments.