Master's – Human resource development practice: individual learning and intention to stay

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16/12/2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


Carla Almiñana Moreira

Master's – Human resource development practice: individual learning and intention to stay

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Joel Souza Dutra

Comission: Profs. Drs. Liliana Vasconcellos Guedes, Elza Fátima Rosa Veloso and Diógenes de Souza Bido

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This study aims to investigate the perception of employees from target companies about Individual Learning, a Human Resources Development (HRD) practice. The research moved from theoretical definitions and models of HRD to the practices that were investigated through the analysis of 75 international articles related to the theme. Such investigation made it possible to understand learning as a relevant component in the research field of the HRD and to define individual learning as a focus of the study, as well as its dimensions as guidelines for the construction of the research variable. Thus, with a focus on investigating employees' perception about the HRD Practice of Individual Learning, and its association with the Intention to Stay at the target companies in Brazil, questionnaires of 249,783 employees were analyzed, using following methods of analysis: contingency tables, chi-square test and Kruskal-Wallis test.
The research found, both when analyzing each of the questions that make up the variable Perception about Individual Learning Practice independently, and evaluating the variable as a joint effect, and well as its relations with the variable Intention to Stay in the Organization, evidence of association between those variables. This association was statistically significant in all tests, and one can think that the less favorable the perception of employees of the target companies about the Practice of HRD Individual Learning is, the lower the Employees' Intention to Stay in the Organization. The research can contribute to the body knowledge of HRD Practices in the context of Brazil and to the deepening of understanding about the perception of employees regarding individual learning practices.


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