Master Degree Entrepreneurship Behavioral factors that facilitate project management

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14/11/2017 - 10:00 to 13:00

Paulo Cesar Mei
Master Degree Entrepreneurship - Behavioral factors that facilitate project management
14 november
Class 215, FEA-5
Adviser: Prof. Dr. Antonio Cesar Amaru Maximiano
Comission: Profs. Drs. Martinho Isnard Ribeiro de Almeida, Maria Cecília Galante Porto e Alonso Mazini Soler


Entrepreneurship has always been a constant in the human history, but since the industrial revolution, with new products and services being launched at a very high velocity, and especially with the advent of globalization that has raised competitiveness to world levels, the need for project management became even more evident. Processes were mapped and methods were developed to systematize and standardize project management practices aiming better and more predictable results. Efforts have been made to improve the management of scope, time, cost and quality through human resources development and improving supplier relationship, improving also communications and risk management. However, the human resources development was restricted to the so-called hard skill for a long time, focused on the management of processes and documents. This dissertation seeks to analyze the behavioral aspects that can contribute or facilitate the project management and how the absence of these factors can compromise the success and achievement of the strategies. The main objectives are to identify the main facilitating behavioral factors for the management of projects and to propose suggestions for the improvement of the most relevant behavioral factors. The work will initially count on a bibliographical review and a consultation of experts, leading to an unstructured list of behavioral factors collected in the main theoretical works, but also experienced in practice by the hi experienced professionals interviewed. The final list will be so submitted to a quantitative evaluation with professionals involved directly, indirectly or with teaching activity in project management, aiming to rescue the main behavioral elements contributing to good management by the perspective of these three types of professionals. Finally, based on these main behavioral elements detected, possible solutions will be discussed and mapped to correct the lack of these factors in the project environment, aiming projects success. The results of the research will be compiled as suggestions for improvement in order to prepare those involved in project management regarding the most important behavioral factors detected throughout the work.

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