Doctorate – The meaning of consumption by adolescents: an exploratory study in different school contexts

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02/09/2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


Daniel Faria Chaim

Doctorate – The meaning of consumption by adolescents: an exploratory study in different school contexts

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Geraldo Luciano Toledo

Comission: Profs. Drs. Edson Crescitelli,  Francisco Javier Sebastian M. Alvarez and Silvio Augusto Minciotti

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Based on a changing scenario with new market perspectives motivated by advances in technology and those impacts in all human and social relations, this thesis has as theme marketing, specifically to the meanings of consumer culture among adolescents, allocated to products and brands, and consumption aspects from the perspective of transformative consumer research (TCR). Thus, the objective of this investigation is to explore the meaning of consumption by adolescents in different contexts, social and economic, delimited by the private school and the public school, and to structure a possible representation of this consumer culture. For this purpose, it conducts an exploratory research through a qualitative multiple case study, using non-participant observation data collection techniques carried out from the perspective of the teachers of the studied cases, and a structured survey, applied to adolescents. The interpretation of the data is made by qualitative content analysis, generating categories of analysis for each collection method performed and allowing the desired comparison between the contexts studied. In addition, the Weka software is used to analyze the rules of association of the categories that involve the structuring themes of the thesis. As a result, this thesis assigns cultural meaning to adolescent consumption as a need to have products and brands that are functional and materialize their belonging to the constituted world. It also presents a structure of representation of the consumption culture of the adolescents studied in a collaborative structure, based on the rules of association found, with the transformative consumer research movement. Finally, this theses brings contributions to researchers who investigate the meanings of consumption from the perspective of marketing, especially teenagers, and to professionals who work in the area, especially aspects of brand and media positioning to the studied cohort.

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