Minicurso Prof. Arslan Razmi

Lectures at the Universidade de São Paulo (June 2013)

Topics in International and Development Economics

Arslan Razmi

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Local e horário: FEA-1, sala A-8, das 16h00 às 17h50


Note: “*’’ represents the paper that I will focus on in each lecture.


Lecture 1: Relative Prices, Policy, and Economic Development (11 de Junho, terça-feira)

* “The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Development,’’(with Martin Rapetti and Peter Skott), Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 23(1), pp. 151-69, March 2012.

“The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth: Are Developing Countries Different?” (with Peter Skott and Martin Rapetti), forthcoming, International Review of Applied Economics.

Lecture 2: The Balance of Payments-Constrained Growth Model (14 de Junho, sexta-feira)

* “Exploring the Robustness of the Balance of Payments-Constrained Growth Idea in a Multiple Good Framework,” Cambridge Journal of Economics, 35(3), pp. 545-567, May 2011.

“Imposing a balance of payments constraint on the Kaldorian model of cumulative causation” (forthcoming) Journal of Post Keynesian Economics.

Lecture 3: Micro-Macro Linkages (18 de Junho, terça-feira)

* “Can the HOSS Framework Help Shed Light on the Simultaneous Growth of Inequality and Informalization in Developing Countries?” Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv (Review of World Economics), 145(2), pp. 361-372, July, 2009.

“Can Asia Sustain an Export-Led Growth Strategy in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis? Exploring a Neglected Aspect,’’ (with Gonzalo Hernandez – under review).

Lecture 4: Short- and Long-Run Issues in the Presence of an International Cap-and-Trade Regime in Environmental Permits (21 de Junho, sexta-feira)

* “North-South Interactions in the Presence of Internationally Traded Environmental Permits’’ (work in progress)

“Accumulation, Structural Change, and External Balances in a World with Internationally Traded Environmental Assets Permits’’ (under review)

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quinta-feira, 6 Junho, 2013


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